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Website downtime & Refunds


This update is long overdue and I apologize.


Website downtime:

Due to an unfortunate website update gone wrong, it caused our website to break. Normally I could simply roll back to a backup of our website however since it was a site theme and WordPress update that was fairly major it had some unintended side effects. The update and downtime came at an unfortunate time as we recently announced the cancellation of Yama-Con 2020 due to COVID-19 and requesting refunds for the event. Many fans came to us with questions for further information on Yama-Con and the status of their refund request which I personally let you down on and caused undue stress to my fellow Directors. A mistake was made and I can only ask for your patience and forgiveness. As some of you may have noticed a lot of content is missing from our pages and that is due in part to rushing to rebuild the website from scratch. The website will still look and function mostly the same from pre-website downtime since I didn’t want to spend to much time designing a new experience. Please pardon our dust as we settle back down and rewrite all the missing content from our pages.



We originally promised refunds to be provided within 48 hours (depending on demand) after being requested which we failed to meet. A culmination of factors lead us to fail to meet our original promise. Due to our website being down, the way Eventbrite (our ticketing partner) handles ticketing/fees, and PayPal (the payment processor) handling refunds we had to reach out to Eventbrite support for further clarification on refunds and how best to proceed (Which we’re still awaiting a response from after 7 days!). I understand that doesn’t quite answer all your questions but I can only assure you that full refunds will be provided to everyone who requests one.