LeConte Center

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Weapons policy

The Yama-Con Weapons Policy

The Yama-Con Weapons Policy is a summary of items that are not allowed at the convention.

Bladed Weapons (Swords, Knives, Axes)

  1. No live steel (peace-tied, tethered or sheathed edged weapons are not permitted)
  2. No metal blades of any types. There are NO exceptions given even if its dull or covered
  3. No sharp edges on non-metal weapons
  4. May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots
  5. Bladed weapons purchased in the vendor room may not be removed from the packaging within any public space


  1. All firearms must have a closed barrel with a visible orange tip (removable barrel plugs are permitted, but may only be removed for photos)
  2. All airsoft and paintball weapons must be trigger disabled and demonstrate to be unable to fire
  3. Attached scopes or laser attachments must be disabled and demonstrate to be unable to power on
  4. Removable gun clips and moveable gun chambers must be empty and stuffed
  5. Water gun barrels and attachment containers must be visibly empty
  6. Firing any type of projectile is not permitted (including water, bubbles, or silly string)
  7. Yama-Con Staff/Pigeon Forge Police will reserve the right for prop removal from public spaces if a gun prop is deemed to be too realistic.
  8. As has been our policy since the first Yama-Con, we are working to create a safe space for the expression and appreciation of Fandom. As such, open carry of real firearms are not allowed in convention controlled spaces

Projectiles (Bows, Crossbows, Slingshots)

  1. Arrows and other projectiles must have all metal tips removed. Cover or sheathing will not be permitted. Plastic tip attachments will be permitted
  2. Projectiles must not be fully strung and demonstrate to be unable to fire projectiles
  3. Firing any type of projectile is not permitted (including foam)

Blunt Weapons (Staves, Bats, Maces, Wooden Katanas, Hammers)

  1. Cannot be composed of solid metal (metal detailing is permitted)
  2. Wooden bats are permitted but will be reviewed year-to-year
  3. Metal nails or spikes of any type must not be protruding from all blunt weapons
  4. May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots
  5. Props heavy enough to cause injury may be declined on a case-by-case basis

Cylindrical (Staff Poles, Flags, Banners)

  1. Prop must be under 7 ft in length and/or under 25 lbs in weight.
  2. May not be made of steel or metal PVC and plastic piping is allowed
  3. May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots
  4. As a courtesy, please review flag etiquette when carrying a national flag (such as the US flag)
  5. Selfie sticks are currently permitted but will be evaluated on a year-to-year basis

Tools and Miscellany (Wrenches, Chains, Hammers, ETC)

  1. Cannot be composed of solid metal (do not bring a real pipe wrench as a prop)
  2. May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots
  3. Props heavy enough to cause injury may be declined on a case-by-case basis

Oversized Props (Buster Swords, Key Blades, ETC)

  1. Oversized Props are allowed with certain restrictions
    1. Prop must be under 7 ft in length and/or under 25 lbs in weight.
  2. Props may not be made of solid metal
  3. Display for photos must be in designated photo areas
  4. Props must be upright when walking in public spaces
  5. Props heavy enough to cause injury may be declined on a case-by-case basis

Metal Details (Spiked Bracelets, Armor, ETC)

  1. Cannot be edged or sharp
  2. Cannot be highly reflective (mirrors such as Link’s Mirror Shield must be soaped to reduce reflectiveness and prevent possible vision impairment in crowds from Sun)
  3. Metal spikes may not protrude more than 3″ (three inches) from the costume
  4. Wearable metal suits are permitted but must not have metal edges or protruding long spikes

Bulky Costumes (Wings, Gundams, Fursuits, Stilts)

  1. Use a handler if your vision is significantly impaired (a handler is another attendee who will escort you around the convention)
  2. Wings must be collapsible or removable to prevent impending crowds in tight spaces
  3. Cosplayers may be asked to remove stilts if staff believes there is a significant tripping hazard
  4. Cosplayers may be asked to remove bulky items in tight spaces or crowds
  5. Costumes must not have the ability to shoot projectiles of any type

External Accessories

  1. Powders, sand or flashbangs for visual effects within public spaces are not allowed
  2. External speakers, especially if continually playing loud music, which are considered a public nuisance will be removed from all public spaces
  3. All props must not have the ability to use sound effects that can be mistaken for realistic weapons
  4. Cigarette props must be unlit or unable to emit vapors
  5. Real food for food props cannot be used
  6. Food packaging props must not contain real food
  7. Prop bottles may only contain water or dyed water as it will be checked to ensure it does not contain illicit substances
  8. Scooters, skateboards, bikes, inline skates, ice skates, roller skates, and hoverboards from attendees are prohibited within all convention and public spaces.

Bulky Costumes (Wings, Gundams, Fursuits, Stilts)

  • Wear shoes at all times (including dancing shoes, or entire foot coverings)
  • Wear masks ONLY in convention spaces*

    *Not applicable to Face-Masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Have weapons inspected and peace bound at the Weapons Check booth next to Registration

External Accessories

Wear/use any of the following items:
  • Roller skates/roller blades
  • Skateboards


  • Stilts


  • Leashes


  • Metal chains


  • Carry real weapons
  • Carry props that cannot fit through a door or weigh more than 20 lbs
  • Wear costumes that resemble law enforcement or medical personnel

Shoe Policy

  1. Shoes, slippers, sandals or lyricals must be worn at all times in public spaces
  2. Shoe removal is allowed for photos only


  1. Yama-Con does not provide storage or handling of Cosplay Props
  2. There are no public lockers within the convention spaces
  3. Props left behind or unattended may potentially be confiscated and discarded


Public safety personnel (Convention, Hotel, Convention Center, and Pigeon Forge Police) will be present at all times during the convention. At all venues, you will be under observation, even if you don’t have a weapon or are wearing a costume.


In order to protect their own safety and that of others, Yama-Con attendees understand, agree, and consent that designated Yama-Con representatives or public safety personnel throughout the convention have an absolute right to inspect costumes, weapons, and any other items, and that attendee will submit to such an inspection. Any attendee must submit their costumes, weapons, and other items to an immediate inspection upon request or must leave the convention. In the event a person declines to submit to an inspection and refuses to leave, they shall be immediately expelled from the convention and escorted off the premises.


  • Persons who carry or otherwise bring prop weapons, replicas, or similar items do so at their own, sole, and absolute risk, and assume all risks of liability, harm, damage, or loss to any person or property injured or otherwise harmed, intentionally or accidentally, directly or indirectly by such items or the person carrying them.
  • Yama-Con is and shall not be liable for any injury, harm, damage, or other risk or liability associated with any person’s use of any weapon, replica, or prop, whether permitted or banned hereafter at Yama-Con.
  • In no event shall Yama-Con, MCA Entertainment Group and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries, or the Black Fox Lodge, and the LeConte Convention Center have any liability for any incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages hereunder, even if informed of the possibility of same.

Peace bonding:

  • A Peace Bonded weapon is an item that has been inspected by Yama-Con staff, and has been secured so that said item can be recognized as a non-lethal weapon by means of identification.
  • All prop weapons, realistic or not, must be peace bonded by Yama-Con Staff.
  • Peace bonding is available at the Public Safety checkpoint at Registration.
  • Removal of a peace bond or addition of one by anyone other than Yama-Con Staff will not be tolerated.


  • This policy shall apply at all official MCA Entertainment Group events, including, but not limited to: Yama-Con Staff and/or Directors meetings, and work days, and shall apply on the property of the Black Fox Lodge, LeConte Convention Center, and all surrounding parking lots, walkways, roads, parks, recreation areas and/or any other area reserved for use by Yama-Con.
  • Only Yama-Con Senior Directors may determine whether any particular item covered by this policy is permitted or not permitted at Yama-Con and such determination is solely, exclusively, and absolutely at the discretion of Yama-Con. Persons who do not cooperate with the determinations of Yama-Con concerning the application of this policy to any particular item may be immediately expelled from the convention. If it is later discovered that a person brought a working weapon to any current or prior year Yama-Con, that person may be banned from attending future conventions.